DO IT FOR THE CULTURE: #FAMUDuRagDay Was All That and Then Some!

Photo taken by: Kathryn Lewis


Photo: Kathryn Lewis | Pictured: Kayland Thorbs (left, @aka.kay) and Rae Jones

There’s no other HBCU like the illustrious Florida A&M University. Just one day after FAMU’s birthday, students in all classes were called to rock their favorite bedtime accessory to campus. 

Lately, a good number of Twitter users everywhere have been celebrating black culture by posting pictures in their favorite du-rags. Multiple tweeters went viral and the wave (haha, no pun intended) landed at HBCU’s across the nation.

According to, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, some of the brothers of Morehouse College received a lot of buzz for stunting in their silky capes with pride. This display of unity and self-pride inspired one FAMU student, Christian Wise, to join the wave which inspired Rattlers to participate in du-rag day.

“I was just scrolling through Twitter one day, and this one guy– he had quote re-tweeted Morehouse–shout out to Morehouse, big ups to them, and they was saying how they had their du-rag day about a week prior,” Wise said. “And my man’s was talking ’bout, ‘Yo, why don’t we do this at FAMU?’ I was like ‘Word? Bet. Aight, we’re gonna do this October 4, if you’re really ’bout it.'”

They were ’bout it. Good thing those who participated had their waves and weaves covered. Otherwise, our campus would’ve drowned from the slay.

FAMU Du-Rag Day! Kathryn Lewis
Photo: Kathryn Lewis (@katmarlew)|Pictured: Christian Wise (left, @Wise3K) and Kayla Kieth (right, @thebougiegoth)


Wise, along with Kayla Keith, Nathan Vinson, and Ashlee Monet, run one of the most popular HBCU Twitter accounts (opinions not affiliated with FAMU) called the FAMU Roundtable (@trt_FAMU); an umbrella account of The HBCU Roundtable.

With a following of 3,412 users and counting, word circulated quickly when Wise tweeted about the idea on September 28, 2017 after FAMU pupil, @DonnellGlover21 quote re-tweeted Morehouse brother @EdoWalker‘s video of himself and fellow brothers rocking their capes. Soon, Wise declared that Wednesday, October 4, would be the day we celebrate du-rag day too.

Fashion and Modeling University (aka FAMU) students raved about the idea and expressed their excitement on social media. Check out some of the best du-rag-bonnet-headscarf-slays on The Hill today:

Photo: Kathryn Lewis (@katmarlew) Pictured: Nathan Vinson (@TheGreatIsNate)

Do you peep this color coordination though?! I nearly lost my mind when I saw my dear friend, Nathan Vinson, looking groovy in a premium quality, navy blue du-rag. Accompanied by a matching leisure suit and patterned bomber jacket. Issa icon!








Photo: Kathryn Lewis (@katmarlew) Pictured: Trey Martin (@godsxson9)




What a looker! I stopped this young gentleman, Trey Martin, on my way to class for a picture because his bright pink du-rag caught my eye. A lot of students on Twitter admired this young man for rocking pink with no apologizes. His all-black layers with a small, gold chain and a icy watch was the perfect look to stand out from the crowd.






Photo: Ashley’s Friend Pictured: Ashley Culp

As my auntie’s would say, “Awww, sookie, sookie, na!” Look at this Rattler Babe, Ashley Culp. Culp snatched edges all around campus in a lucky-green tube top, adorable high-waist bellbottoms and a pair of super cute black platforms.







Photo: Kathryn Lewis (@katmarlew) Pictured: Rae Laverne (@umwenotfriends)

Who says you can’t wear a bonnet and still slay? This FAMU baddie strikes a pose wearing a sleek, black crown (bonnet) with a bright blue, red and white zip-up jacket with a pair of Adidas pants and a pair of clean, white Adidas sneakers.








Du-rag day allowed students to express themselves and feel proud of their heritage and to celebrate the uniqueness of who they are.

“[Du-rag day is] A day that everyone can let their capes flow and their leave outs stay fresh,” said Kayla Kieth.

How did you rock your du-rag, bonnet, or head scarf? Who do you think wore it best? I wanna hear from ya! Sound off in the comment section below.

As always, Keep on Stylin’!


Kathryn M. Lewis




8 thoughts on “DO IT FOR THE CULTURE: #FAMUDuRagDay Was All That and Then Some!

  1. I love what youre doing out here Kathryn this touches so many audiences both male and female in the fashion world. Girl you are the definition of a Black Queen That Rocks😘


  2. Awh Sookie Sookie Nie you did that sweetheart greater is coming you’re such an amazing editor I love the durags and scarves!!


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