Le Chapeau Bomba x Jacquemus Inspired Shoot Experience

Welcome back, Style Kat!

I am so thrilled to share with you, one of my best photoshoots I’ve ever had the pleasure to model.

Designer: Simon Porte Jacquemus | Photo Credit: Getty Images

I have been honing in on my styling skills and I was craving inspiration to plan my next shoot. One day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I saw that one of my favorite designers, Simon Porte Jacquemus, posted a set of photos, featuring gorgeous models wearing ginormous, straw hats. I was instantly dawn to the unique construction of them and the way that the models were styled.

Go big or go home, am I right? Ever since I was in high school, I developed a love for wearing hats. I believe that the right hat can enhance almost any ensemble. I first discovered the French designer when I saw his collection debut during Paris Fashion Week 2019. I studied his work and decided that I would do a photoshoot inspired by his collections.

La Bomba
Photo Credit: Tre Crews

I solicited the photography services of my friend, Tre Crews. I had been following Tre on Instagram for almost two years, and I had always wanted to work with him. His aesthetic and artistry coincided with my vision for this shoot. I was honored to work with the Vogue Italia published photographer, who’s based in Daytona, FL.

Take a look at how he captured my vision. I styled myself, I was the creative director and almost all of the makeup products that I used, are by Fenty Beauty.

It takes true dedication and patience to plan photoshoots. I faced numerous obstacles while preparing for this shoot. I had been developing my concept for over a month. Overall, I pushed through and I was elated with the results.

I hope that Mr. Jacquemus will recognize my admiration for his work. I’d love for him to repost these photos on his Instagram profile or, allow me to be an assistant stylist for a future collection. I appreciate the diversity of models that he uses as his muses. From oversized purses to micro purses, geometrical heels, ready-to-wear clothing and oversized hats, he is truly one-of-a-kind.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos as much as I did. Check below for outfit details and my lookbook for more pictures.

– Dress: Choosy
– Heels: Steve Madden
– Purse: ASOS
– Ivory Hat: ASOS
– Earrings: Forever 21

– Orange Hat: Forever 21
– Earrings: Country Dollar (local store)
– Top: ZARA (sold out)
– Pants: ZARA (sold out)
– Bracelet: Courtesy of Tre Crews
– Shoes: ASOS (sold out)

– Earrings: Forever 21
– Swimsuit: Ris-K
– Bracelet: Country Dollar (local store)

Keep On Stylin’!


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    1. I love you so much, Auntie Wanda!!! You’re one of my biggest supporters. I absolutely love you and I feel so blessed to know that I have such strong support from my family. I’m going to make you proud!


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