Fashion has always been an outlet to express ones creativity and art, so why not channel that in an eco-friendly way? The clothing industry is responsible for producing 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year. In fact, the fashion industry “is the second most water-intensive industry in the world, consuming around 79 billion cubic metres of water per year.” These wasteful practices, largely spearheaded by fast-fashion brands and the growing concern for the state of our planet, is why one student at Florida State University felt compelled to do her part to change that.

Meet 21-year-old E’toni “Slim” Holloway. As an English major with a minor in Communications, Holloway understands that fashion and style are languages spoken fluently in Tallahassee’s creative community. As a result, she enlisted the help of her friend, Jordan Roberts, 22, to co-organize an outdoor, sustainable fashion pop-up shop called “Slim Jim’s Closet“. Her brother, Darion Holloway, 22, tackled the logistics. The goal was to enlighten and inspire those in Tallahassee and beyond, to do their part to practice ethical and eco-friendly ways of shopping, while amplifying local Black-owned businesses.

Pictured left to right: Darion Holloway, 22, with sister, E’toni Holloway, 21

On February 27, 2021, Slim Jim’s Closet was in full effect with an overflow of support. Not only did the pop-up shop feature an array of small businesses, but local independent artists like Facey, Morgan Dyson and Jordan Roberts, Mayah Dyson, King Kanise and Voices Poetry Group, had the opportunity to perform as socially-distanced shopping took place.

One shopper, who goes by Kiki, shared her thoughts on suitability and snagging trendy pieces at an affordable price.

“Being able to, like, buy cheap clothing or something that looks old and being able to, like, reinvent it in a way, in different styles. That’s what I like doing,” she said.

Photography by Brandon Wolf, Instagram: @onlyinnovembur

Slim and I had a moment to catch up once the pop-up shop came closer to an end, and talked about her feelings on the day and why she feels so passionately about getting her community involved in the mission to practice a greener way to shop.

Kathryn Lewis interviewing E’toni “Slim” Holloway

Kathryn Lewis (KL): What did it take for you to pull this together?

Slim: “Whew! It took a lot of planning and just thinking ahead of time, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of the vendors that came out and everybody that I reached out that was on board with the vision. So, shoutout to all of the Black owned businesses that came out and supported!”

KL: What makes it so important for you to emphasize sustainable fashion? Because I know that was something that you feel very passionately about.

Slim: “I feel like, for me, I’ve always, like, thrifted, that’s something I grew up doing. Like, my parents strongly encouraged that in my life. I think that, just looking at the state of the Earth right now and just the impact that humans have on our environment–like, it’s very important to be conscience of what you’re consuming and what you’re putting into the environment. So, if you can shop sustainably and you can get fly, and you can do it on a budget, I don’t see why you wouldn’t! You feel me!?”

KL: Exactly, exactly, exactly! And people used to think “Oh, thrifting, I don’t do thrifting”, but now, it’s coming back and Earth Day is coming up. So, I think everybody should think about that and encourage the people around them, to shop sustainably. That is Awesome. Do you plan on doing more events like this in the future?

Slim: “Yes! This is just one of many. My goal is to create a space for our people to come out and, you know, fellowship together. And just embrace the diverse sides of our community and I don’t think we really have that space in Tallahassee. Throwing events like this, is just one step to, you know, creating that space that people can go to and know, like ‘Ok, this a space where it’s good vibes’ all that.”

KL: Now, where can the people find you on social media?

Slim: “You can find me on Instagram, my business page is @slimjimscloset, and my normal, regular page is @slimjimsgram. Follow me, reach out, I’m always looking for new businesses to come and be apart of what I’m trying to do.”

As always, Keep on Stylin’!

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