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SWATCH magazine is one of Florida State University’s top student-run fashion magazines on its campus. Editor-in-Chief (EIC), Courtney Cotterill, 20, and her team worked tirelessly on the Spring/Summer 18, Volume 9 Issue 14 magazine for four months, where it was showcased at Tallahassee’s Good Vibes Only (GVO) lounge yesterday.

Each semester, SWATCH produces a magazine filled with content on the latest trends in fashion, stunning photography and more.

Photo taken by Lauren A. Giordano (Instagram, @laurenamandag)

Born in Auckland, New Zealand and raised in Gold Coast, Australia, Cotterill has always had a deeply rooted love for all things artistic, fashion, modeling and photography.

She began working with SWATCH back in Fall 2016 as a writer for Jourdan Porter and Annalise Beebe, who she says noticed her potential and promoted her to photographer. She was asked to be EIC in March 2017 and officially dove into the role in May 2017.

The magazine is fashion driven but I still strive for content that goes beyond that and highlights Tallahassee culture specifically by working with [and] featuring local businesses. -Courtney Cotterill, 20

Zodiacs_Swatch_Kiana Govind_2018-2756.jpg
Pictured: Courtney Cotterill  |Photographer: Kiana Govind

I first became acquainted with Courtney this year on January 25. I was scrambling to find a photographer last minute for a shoot and felt completely stuck. I remember frantically texting my good friend, Diamond Rollins, to help me find a photographer, since she models and has worked with many great photographers.

She sent me Courtney’s information and I reached out to her for help. Although I ended up finding a photographer in the meantime, her swift replies and willingness to help someone who she didn’t know personally (at the time) meant a lot to me.

Swatch Magazine Release Party at GVO. Photo by Lauren Giordano (Instagram, @laurenamandag)

Once we began following each other on Instagram, I noticed that she would frequently post modeling opportunities for Swatch. Being that I am a budding model and I love fashion, I successfully pounced on every opportunity I could to be featured in the current issue.

Model Adventures in Lumpkin, GA:

Photography by Joseph N. Suarez

On Saturday, Feb 17, Courtney selected seven models for a location shoot in Lumpkin, GA. Now, let me just say, I audibly chuckled at the name “Lumpkin.” I had no clue where that was, but I was excited to embark on the adventure.

I loved the idea when Courtney brought it up. I was very stressed during the shoot due to the amount of people to shoot and the limited time. But I’m very happy with the way things turned out! It feels good to be recognized and appreciated for my efforts and my art. Makes it all worth it. -Joseph N. Suarez, 27

The models and I met up at Courtney’s apartment before we headed out for our shoot. At the time, I didn’t know who our photographer was. We split up into two cars then we were on our merry way. On the way there, we stopped for gas and in the other car, I see my favorite photographer and friend, Joseph Suarez!

SWATCH Mag Release Party
Joseph and I posing while I hold open the page where he took my photos in the magazine!

With a following of over 4,000 on Instagram, Joseph Suarez is hands down one of the best in the photography industry. With more than five years worth of experience, Suarez’s work was published for the first time with SWATCH.

Take a look the captivating photos from our shoot in the mountains:

Zodiac Shoot for SWATCH:

Zodiacs_Swatch_Kiana Govind_2018-1749

Left to Right: Alexis Paul, Brittany Files, Katherine Kerry, Kathryn Lewis (me), Liv Alford, Brooke Alford, Robin Cutz and Mia Carastro

Kiana Govind is well on her way to becoming a household name in photography. With a following of over 11 thousand on Instagram and five years of experience, it’s not a shocker that this boss lady is in such high demand.

Pictured from left to right: Kathryn Lewis (Instagram, @katmarlew), Kiana Govind (Instagram, @kianagovind), Jeanne Langlois (Instagram, @jeannebugg) | Photographer: Joe Suarez (Instagram, @wdyk_joe)

My job is rewarding to me when I make people feel beautiful. I feel like with social media and everything we’re surrounded with today, it’s really hard to see beauty in yourself. I’ve always lived to let people find that in themselves. – Kiana Govind, 20

Courtney sought out Govind for the zodiac shoot just two days before the date due to unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, Govind was free for the time needed for our shoot and captured some amazing shots of the ladies and I.

IMG_5617 2

“When she told me that it was going to be a zodiac shoot, I didn’t know where she was going with it. And then she explained the entire idea to me and I was like, ‘Damn, that’s really freaking genius, Courtney,'” said Govind. “I’ve worked with so many magazines and organizations on campus. But, I can truly say wholeheartedly that Court’s magazine is honestly my favorite.”

Check out these shots of me for our shoot, styled by Jeanne Langlois! I was an Aries, of course:


The suspense was killing me!

Photo by Lauren Amanda

Yesterday, we celebrated Courtney and her hard work for successfully orchestrating every single shoot, booking photographers and more for producing one of the best magazines at FSU to date.

Courtney chose 10 of us to participate in the magazine release party by modeling in the fashion show, before announcing Sierra Olive as the new EIC.

“I’m continuing as Editor in chief next year with Sierra Olive. So I still have so much more to create and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing it with her now because she has been an integral part of the team thus  far and has an acute eye for design! She’s also a beautiful soul,” gushed Cotterill.

Left to Right: Odara Dorante, Sierra Olive and Courtney Cotterill (Photo by Joseph Suarez)

Check out these amazing photos taken at the GVO Magazine Release party!



Both of us were styled by me.

Dress: Zara (here)
Chain Belt: ASOS (sold out, similar here)
Purse: ASOS
Heels: H&M

on Diamond:
Earrings: ALDO (here)
Dress: LuLu’s (sold out)
Bag: Cult Gaia (here)

Overall, Courtney put her blood, sweat and tears into this magazine and it shows. Hard work and resilience will take one far in life. I thoroughly enjoy this magazine and I’m so blessed to have been apart of it. I met so many incredible people who I’ll never forget. Will you be booking these photographers for you next shoot? Which outfit of mine is your fave?

Keep on Stylin’!



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