SLAY AND SAVE: My 5 picks for affordable online shopping

Welcome back, Style Kat!

Have you ever found yourself browsing online for clothes from your usual go-to stores and thought, “I always order clothes from the same places.What are some new stores that I could try that sell cute clothes, that won’t cost me the price of a car note?”

I can totally relate to this dilemma and I must give credit to social media. I did some sleuthing on Instagram and found a lot of cool, “reputable” brands that I had never heard of. Now, I am a loyal customer and my bank account definitely doesn’t appreciate me for it.

I am going to put you on to my top five favorite online stores to shop from. Remember, always do your research on the companies you shop with and be sure they are a trustworthy vendor.

1. ASOS is an online clothing store based in the United Kingdom. Honestly, what first piqued my interest with ASOS was their student discount. All I had to do was sign up through with my university email and I gained access to a ton of discount codes to various sites. They also offer different lines for various body-types such as ASOS Curve, Tall, Petites, and Maternity.

I’ve ordered such an unhealthy amount of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from ASOS it’s crazy. When I shop here, I set a price limit to the max I’m willing to spend for an item and the page refreshes with a buffet of “all-you-can-shop” affordable clothing. Slay and save, honey! I haven’t experienced a single issue with their shipping/delivery process

2. PrettyLittleThing houses the latest trends in fashion. This site is also based in the UK and carries clothing, swimwear, footwear and accessories.

Now, what I like the most about PLT is how often they offer discounts. There was recently a fifty-percent off sale going on for over a week. Not to mention I just ordered so many clothes from PLT. They have the CUTEST pants ever too. The prices are phenomenal, Style Kat. Check it out!

3. BooHoo

I remember my Freshman year of college at the illustrious Florida A&M University, the Kappa’s were hosting their semi-annual Nite Kap event and I needed a bomb dress for the party. I ordered my Nite Kap dress from BooHoo and it was everything. I also appreciate the fact that they have included a Plus Size & Curve collection.

The GREATEST perk that Boohoo has to offer college students, is a 50% off student discount through I have the Unidays app downloaded on my phone to make it easier for me.

4. Papaya

Papaya never fails me.  Think of it as a few steps up from Rue 21. The first time I ever set foot into a Papaya store, I was so happy to have found a new shop filled with nice clothes for a very affordable price. Their sizes can run a bit smaller than usual so I’d recommend purchasing a size up.

The durability of the clothing holds up nicely for the price you’re paying for them. I love buying party dresses, skirts and blouses from here too. P.S. they also offer you 10% off your first purchase!

5. Target

Don’t sleep on, “Tarjay” the next time you are on the hunt for the next addition to your wardrobe. Target houses some of the cutest swimwear, footwear, accessories and women’s clothing that is current and stylish. Target also has great deals on some of the latest trends. I mainly buy bikinis, printed pants, and cardigans.

My roomie (S/O to my girl, Cara Hackett) put me on to this “store secret”– an app by Target called “Cartwheel.” Once you open the app the main page shows different categories. When you tap on each selection, coupons pop up accordingly.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be fashionable.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” -Ralph Lauren


One thought on “SLAY AND SAVE: My 5 picks for affordable online shopping

  1. Great read. I loved thiiiiissss. Especially the “Tarjay” lol! This was very informative and entertaining to read. Im already a fan. Keep it up katmarlew.

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