About Me

Hey there! I’m Kathryn Lewis, a 20 year-old fashionista from Tallahassee, Florida who is ecstatic to share my looks, tips and life with you all. I’m also a proud Rattler at the ILLUSTRIOUS Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, studying Public Relations.

I first fell in love with fashion when I was a little girl. I remember making my Dad sit in the living room with me and binge watch marathon’s of “America’s Next Top Model.” The older I got, the more I started to experiment with my style and find what suits me. After many phases of embarrassing style, I finally got the hang of it around my Freshman/Sophomore year of high school. After that, my style evolved into something chic, feminine, and unique.

Then vs now

I decided that I needed to create this blog to inspire people everywhere to fearlessly unleash their style and own it with confidence. My passion is helping you look and feel your best. I look forward to interacting with you all while you join me on this journey. Let’s see where this road takes us.

Keep on Stylin’,

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