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Remember when I posted about my FAMU (Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University) Homecoming fashion show experience? Well, I was granted the opportunity to chat exclusively with the designers who handmade each piece for the show. As it turns out, they each own and operate their own labels!

Indie designers possess a creative quality about their work than some mainstream brands. Why? Because their talent is raw and uniquely molded to fit their aesthetic. They focus less on what’s trendy and more on unfiltered creativity.

Meet some of the creative geniuses behind some of the hottest brands on the rise to becoming the next big thing:

Reese Jones (@jauricejones) - Instagram PhotoENO ART BY: REESE JONES

“Just coming from where I started at, and now I’m seeing how many people actually rock with my brand…it’s just different.” -Reese Jones





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Animated, expressive and distinct are a few words that come to mind when it comes to Enovative (ENO) Art by Reese Jones. ENO threads were created to make its muses look and feel like royalty.

What makes his work stand out from the rest is that each of his pieces are hand-painted by Jones himself. His signature is a gold crown with three horizontal bars underneath, and tentacles. He creates custom shoes, jackets, artwork, and more for men and women.

Jones has garnered years of experience with art. In fact, his work has been showcased in multiple fashion shows, gifted a thoughtful 3D painting for JR Smith’s birthday, and painted on garments before a live audience in less than five minutes!

At first, showcasing his art on stage was nerve wracking, but he persevered which fueled his passion for fashion even further. He has been unstoppable since then.

“I will say, when I first started doing this, like, my first time on the stage, I was nervous a ‘lil bit. But now, it’s just natural to me,” said Jones. “Just coming from where I started at and now I’m seeing how many people actually rock with my brand…it’s just different.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 6.40.16 PMGODzSOULz BY: Kaalum Williams

“Being able to build a relationship, build a foundation–it can take you further than, you know, the first time or what you think of.” -Kaalum Williams






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GODzSOULz is one of the most innovative brands on the market right now. Rising fashion designer, Kaalum Williams is making sure unique individuals everywhere look and feel their best in his clothing.

Williams credits his success and talents to God. He decided to pay homage to Him by naming his label “GODzSOULz” and features his signature dove symbol.

“It came from the Bible, Ezekiel chapter 18 verse four. Just basically saying that all our souls belong to God at the end-of-the-day,” explained Williams. “I used all the s’s for z’s just for my brand–just a signature thing. Just ownership of God–our souls belong to Him, so that’s why I named it ‘GODzSOULz.”

GODzSOULz is a unisex brand, admired for its positive message, its urban aesthetic and its signature buckle jeans.

“Most of my pieces are created from scratch. My highlight is, I put buckles on the jeans now.” said Williams.

Williams’ work has been showcased in two FAMU homecoming fashion shows and he has been featured in Tampa, FL’s “Stride for a Cause” fashion show which advocated breast cancer awareness this October.

Look fresh to death and feel liberated in uniquely made garments by the GODzSOULz collection. Email the address in his bio to cop these threads!

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 7.08.40 PMDINERO XCHANGE BY: CJ 

“You’ll be different. You don’t have to worry about nobody else going to the mall and getting the same shirt you’re wearing.” -CJ






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When you’re getting dressed for the day, how do your clothes make you feel? Dinero Xchange makes you feel like money.

Dinero Xchange was created and founded by CJ who prides himself on delivering the most dazzling, show-stopping garments on the market. The creative fashionisto is been featured in countless fashion shows and has been sported by men, women and children everywhere.

Dinero Xchange is a hidden gem in the streetwear market. Sequins, stripes, colors and patterns–this line is far from typical. And of course, the signature dollar sign ($) featured on all of his garments.

“I would describe my brand as unique and rare to the point where, you could bet that nobody else’ll have it on,” expresses CJ. “You’ll be different. You don’t have to worry about nobody else going to the mall and getting the same shirt you’re wearing.”

From shoes, to prom attire, Dinero Xchange customizes any piece into a wearable masterpiece.

These three men are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in the fashion industry. I had to share their talent with my Style Katz because it is important to know what’s out there! Independent brands have the potential to flourish into the next big thing in fashion.

They’re already steps ahead of the game by taking the initiative to showcase their work on various platforms, putting their all into their grind, and making it happen one day at a time. Making their names known loud and clear.

Whose collection captures your eye and why? Do you believe that young designers are an important attribute to the industry? What is your signature piece of clothing that you never leave the house without?

I wanna hear from you! Sound off in the comments below! As always, keep on stylin’!


Kathryn M. Lewis

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